From The Original Dish: Short Rib Tacos With Chow Chow

Visit the link below for the recipe for some dangerously good short rib tacos with chow chow! Thanks to our friend (and former Vie intern) Kayla of The Original Dish for the delicious idea. She writes:  

The second I tried [Jar Sessions Chow Chow] I immediately thought tacos! To let the chow chow stand out, I kept the rest of the taco fairly simple. But of course, we need some really delicious meat. That’s where the braised short ribs come in, which absolutely just melt in your mouth. ... The rich short ribs plus the tangy chow chow is such an incredible combination.
— Kayla, The Original Dish

Recipe: Short Rib Tacos With Sweet Corn Chow Chow

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