Jar Sessions story


Chef Paul Virant’s love of pickling started from a young age, thanks to his grandmothers, both avid canners. His philosophy of local, seasonal eating stems from techniques he learned on his family's farm in Missouri.

Both of Virant's restaurants, Vie and Vistro, located just outside Chicago, have become synonymous with pickled and preserved vegetables and fruits. They are the staples of his kitchens. 

The products he has created for his new Jar Sessions line are meant to inspire the home cook beyond just opening the jar. True – each Jar Session is delicious right off the spoon. But Virant's Jar Sessions collection allows you easily elevate every dish, whether mixing, sautéing or blending the jars into your dishes (or beverages!).


"With the introduction of Jar Sessions, home cooks can now easily use and enjoy some of my most-loved recipes in their own kitchens." – Chef Paul Virant

Inspired by great jam sessions and Chef Virant's love of music, the Jar Sessions collection beautifully balances flavor profiles, just like hitting the right notes in that soulful tune.

Staying true to his longstanding philosophy of cooking with local, seasonal produce, Virant collaborated with Midwest farmers to create Jar Sessions, sourcing ingredients from area farms to form memorable flavor combinations. 

Each Jar Session is music in your mouth!

For more information on Virant, visit paulvirant.com.